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Venture capital

AXL Strategic Partners focus on high-risk business investments

Young companies are difficult to value for a number of reasons. Some are start-up and idea businesses, with little or no revenues and operating losses. Even those young companies that are profitable have short histories and most young firms are dependent upon private capital, initially owner savings and venture capital and private equity later on.

As a result, many of the standard techniques we use to estimate cash flows, growth rates and discount rates either do not work or yield unrealistic numbers. In addition, the fact that most young companies do not survive has to be considered somewhere in the valuation.

We use a combination of data on more mature companies in the business and the company’s own characteristics to forecast revenues, earnings and cash flows. We also establish processes for estimating discount rates for private capital and for adjusting the value today.

We assist start-up companies covering the following stages:

• Early stage

• Angel investors


Our specialised team has a solid financial background. We provide you with a convincing valuation by our financial model. With a wide variety of global connection, we support the development of your company with the most advanced platform.

Board of Directors

Chris Anderson Director
Riu Lin Zeng Director
Rody Herwono Director
Business Development
How we amplify your business?

AXL creates and executes a customized value creation plan for your business via our global network, deep industry knowledge, executive operations Group and portfolio intelligence.

AXL uses the following three majors specialized investigation procedures to understand the business: 

• Major business operating analysation
• Market Testing
• Forecasting Analysis


AXL Strategic Partners Pty Ltd confirm an investment of AUD$1,500,000.00 in Labor X Australia Pty Ltd for subscription in the I.C.O. of Chronobank.1.0.
Labor X Australia Pty Ltd Chronobank.1.0

AXL Strategic Partners provide investment advice and capital for quality early stage venture capital and private equity investment opportunities on behalf of a domestic and international client base.

The partners of AXL Strategic have assessed many block chain technology based investment opportunities and consider this project to be of global significance. We wish Labor X Australia Pty Ltd great success in their launch.

Chris Anderson – Director

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AXL Strategic Partners

Level 3908, 101 Bathurst Street
Office:   +61 2 8188 3926